Open PGP web of trust

Here is my OpenPGP Web of trust. It is enhanced when each members of this web of trust sign someone else’s certificate, which could be done during a key signing party or during a trusted informal meeting.


As I may be an initiator member of a future OpenUDC currency, if your are in, you maybe are already eligible to its Universal Dividend :-).

You may also generate such graphical view of you own web of trust using

4th freedom money meeting 27, 28, 29 and 30th November

The 4th freedom money meeting will take place in France / Paris – Montreuil, 27, 28, 29 and 30th November.

Announces can be updated just here in this post. You can subscribe emailing galuel at glibre dot org. You can also contribute to the event by publishing those informations in your own website.

  • 27th November : Introduction and OpenUDC project
  • Short Introduction with quick RTM presentation, last results and new ressources extensions
  • Morning : OpenUDC general presentation
  • Afternoon : technical release, road map and contributors
  • 28th November : uCoin project
  • morning : slides presentation by founder cgeek and questions/answers
  • afternoon : Web of Trust creation, money creation, transfer of money units, installing the network
  • 29th November : Full day playing “La Corbeille” money game ! Open to all subscribers
  • morning (9h00) : subscriptions to the game and rules explanations by Sybille Saint Girons
  • morning (10h00) : Game start with first money models
  • afternoon (14h00) : Game with last money models including 80 years Universal Dividend
  • afternoon (18h00) : collecting game data, first comments towards video and text production
  • 30th November : Open day to not-technical contributors
  • Not technical contributors meet developers and exchange about OpenUDC/uCoin
  • Co-Production of propositions for not-technical contributions to freedom money systems

France / Paris – Montreuil (near Métro Mairie de Montreuil more details after subscription).

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You can make propositions to organise the 5th Freedom Money Meeting, before 31st January. The event needs to take place before 31th July 2015, just send mail to any OpenUDC or uCoin contributor.

Propositions for 4th freedom money meeting

The 4th OpenUDC freedom money meeting can be 2 days between 18/10/2014 and 03/11/2014 (you could propose other possibility). Proposition of organisation (minimum 2 days with one network-wifi room for 10-20 persons), has to be complete before 1st September 2014.



To complete a proposition of organisation, contact directly OpenUDC or uCoin developpers team, with information in their contact page.

You can also prepare propositions for the 5th freedom money meeting, for the 2nd / 3rd quater of 2015.