3rd OpenUDC freedom money meeting – news

The 3rd OpenUDC freedom money meeting will take place in France / Paris – Montreuil 18th & 19th April 2014.

17/03/2014/news : both OpenUDC founder jbar and uCoin founder cgeek have confirmed arrival.


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Themes :

  • 1 day about OpenUDC protocol
  • 1 day about OpenUDC native implementation LUD and LUDD, and uCoin compatible project.
  • Information and presentation of OpenUDC 0.4 new release.

17/03/2014/news : uCoin presentation with cgeek

  • Presentation of uCoin projet & historical
  • How uCoin works
  • Compatibility with OpenUDC protocol
  • Presentation of uCoin 0.6 that will be first version able to create own money
  • Planning short & long term

Space : France / Paris – Montreuil (near Métro Mairie de Montreuil more details after subscription)
Time : Friday 18th & Saturday 19th April from 9h00 to 19h00
Subscription : send a mail to galuel at glibre dot org

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Who can subscribe : OpenUDC contributors or future contributors interested in : code, translation, web teaching, video or sound capture, Graphical User Interface (GUI), or any other OpenUDC – uCoin related subject. To subscribe send a mail to galuel at glibre dot org.

Next event : The 4th OpenUDC freedom money meeting can be 2 days between 18/10/2014 and 03/11/2014 (you could propose other possibility). Proposition of organisation (minimum 1 network room for 20 persons), has to be complete before 1st September 2014.


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