0.3 and thttpgpd/ludd 0.3 released

You may download them from our git repository.

The installation procedure is described in our project website.

Client changelog (
* Only manage the clear udid2.
* lot of bugfixs.

Node changelog (ludd):
* Should well run with IPv6.
* Integrate a DOS protection using iptables (if launched as root).
* re-manage multi-homing, (aka virtual hosting).
* May cache signatures for “multipart/msigned” responses.
* bugfixes.
* (and maybe more…)

Don’t forget to participate in some OpenPGP key signing parties around.

We should now being working on the OpenUDC interfaces udc/create and udc/validate ; hoping OpenUDC protocol will start being usable for the dev in the next version.

Monnaie Libre n°44, french ogg podcast was about OpenUDC 0.3

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